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Guitar for Improvers – Making Music with your Guitar


Start Date Day Time Duration Fees
18/04/2024 - Summer 2024 Thursday 7 - 9pm 10 Weeks £100.00

Course outline

The starting point for this unique, open ended course is to help you build a repertoire of songs that you can play instinctively without the need to read from song sheets or music notation.

The course is appropriate for nearly all skills levels with the minimum requirement of having the ability to change smoothly between a few basic major and minor chords, although should you wish to discuss this prior to registering our tutor is more than happy to contact you to ensure this is appropriate for you.

Although you will be working in a group, you will be able to adapt the course to your individual needs. Casual players who just want to entertain themselves at home can come along, chill out and learn simplified, basic versions of songs whilst working alongside more ambitious players, those seeking more of a challenge will be focusing on complex arrangements using a much broader range of chords, scales, modes and other musical structures.

Above all the course aims to make you more musically self-reliant, no matter what your playing experience. Thanks to this approach our course has been extremely successful in developing many players who wish to perform in public, but lack the confidence to do so.

I hope that you find these details useful, however if you would like further information please do not hesitate to contact me.