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Art – Discovering Pastels


Start Date Day Time Duration Fees
16/04/2024 - Summer 2024 Monday 7.00-9.00 8 Weeks £80.00

Course outline

Pastels are one of the most versatile artist mediums and also one that divides people – you either love them or hate them but do you really know them?

They can be hard, soft, pencil or oil based and seen by some as crayons only children should use.

So why are they so great?

They are great to create images on their own and also as part of mixed media work. Are quick to work with and one of the only mediums that allow you to create a finished piece of art in an hour. They can be used in a painterly manner too.

We will get creative with all types in all ways they can be used.

Each session we will work on an image together ranging from animal and human portraits to landscapes and flowers. Our tutor is happy to answer any questions you may have prior to registering for this course.

Course requirements

No previous experience is required for this course. We welcome complete beginners or improvers who have pastels but were never sure how to use them. On the first evening we will discuss different types of pastels and paper. You may already have some pastels, watercolour paper or a sketch book which can be used.