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Start Date Day Time Duration Fees
09/06/2022 - Summer term Thursday 7 - 9 pm 6 weeks £60

Course Outline

Pen & Pencil Drawing

The course is for learners who have very little experience of drawing in pencil and pen or some basic experience of drawing. The course will be structured and tutor led and focus on working from a set of objects to gain a very good grounding in observational drawing.

Students will learn from a selected image by the tutor to work from. Start the planning the arrangement/composition. Students will learn how to hold, use and manipulate the materials, scale up, assess proportions by using measuring systems whilst focussing on observational drawing. Observing, hatching and cross hatching, shading and tonal analysis will be covered.

Course Requirements

Pencil grades- H, H.B. B, 2B, 4B.

A blender, White plastic rubber, A3 cartridge sketchbook, pencil sharpener, 12” ruler, note pad.

Uni- pen type metal sizes- 1.0, 2.0, 3.0. or Berol Handwriting ceramic tip ink pen.

2x AAA Jakar battery operated rubber.

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