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Start Date Day Time Duration Fees
07/06/2022 - Summer term Tuesday 7 - 9 pm 6 weeks £60

Course Outline

The course is for students with a basic handling of acrylic painting. The course will be structured and tutor led and focus on working from a colour photograph supplied by the tutor to gain a very good grounding based on observational painting.

Students will learn from a colour photograph supplied by the tutor to work from. Start with mixing and applying a colour ground, planning the arrangement/composition on a canvas or board. Students will learn how to hold, use and manipulate the materials, scale up, assess proportions by using measuring systems working from observation. Observing, developing an
atmospheric effect, and executing your ideas in paint.

Course Requirements

Daler/Rowney ‘System 3’ 75ml paint tubes. BASIC PALETTE= Permanent or Titanium White, Naples Yellow, Lemon Yellow, Cadminum Yellow, Yellow Ochre, Cadmium Red light, Burnt Sienna, Sap Green, Ceruleum (Coereleum) Blue. Viridian (Monestial) Green, Ultramarine Blue. a flat plastic white palette approx. 16”x20”, Two water pots, Nylon brushes- Round No 1, No 3 Round, a flat square 12mm and a flat square 25mm. A 16”x20” canvas or canvas board.canvas. A black charcoal pencil. A palette knife. A note pad.

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